Closed integrated machine

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  • Closed integrated machine

    Closed integrated machine

    Main drying method:
    The unit performs internal dehumidification in the drying room, and uses the latent heat of moisture condensation to heat the air in the drying room. When the unit is not dehumidified enough, the dehumidification fan can also be used to simultaneously exhaust moisture.
    Application areas:
    Food, flowers, Chinese herbal medicine, aquatic products, industry and other industries.
    Regular model:
    7P, 15P, 25P
    Product advantages:
    1. Easy to install;
    2. Airtight drying; clean and sanitary, zero pollution, zero discharge;
    3. Not affected by region, season, environmental temperature and humidity; all-weather drying energy efficiency is stable;
    4. Material moisture with high nutritional value can be recovered.