Research Background

  • Smart cloud drying

    Following the general trend, empowered by technology, using big data, the industry's first "cloud" drying;

    2. Realize real-time monitoring and control on PC and mobile terminals;

    3. Realize real-time and historical data query, statistics and analysis of temperature, humidity, dryness, energy consumption, and running time;

    4. Realize remote fault prevention and elimination.

  • Heat pump frequency conversion technology

    1. Heat pump frequency conversion technology;

    2. More accurate control of the temperature and humidity of the drying room;

    3. The application temperature range is more square, adapting to different climatic conditions across the country.

  • system integration

    1. Company positioning: not only making products, but also a provider of heat pump drying systems;

    2. To make the service beyond the customer's expectations, the customer only needs to put forward the project requirements, and our company assists in completing the rest. We provide free services throughout the whole process from product selection, system design, construction drawings, and drying technology;

    3. Provide customers with free drying technology training.

  • Self-developed high temperature refrigerant

    Unique formula, self-developed new high-temperature refrigerant, suitable for special materials that require high-temperature drying, the drying room temperature can reach
    95 degrees.