Open and close integrated machine

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  • Open and close integrated machine

    Open and close integrated machine

    Main drying method:
    In the open-loop drying mode: the unit heats the drying room, and the external moisture exhaust fan is used to dry the material while recovering the waste heat from the exhaust, which can be recycled to the fresh air, outdoor heat absorption evaporator, etc.
    In closed-loop drying mode: the unit dehumidifies the drying room internally, and uses the latent heat of moisture condensation to heat the air in the drying room. When the unit dehumidification is not enough, the dehumidifying fan can also be used to exhaust moisture at the same time.
    Application areas:
    Mosaic, fruit, rhizome, tobacco, meat, aquatic, industrial.
    Regular model:
    7P, 15P, 25P
    Product advantages:
    1. Open/closed loop switching, flexible and changeable;
    2. Reduce the influence of environmental temperature and humidity;
    3. Integrate drying and dehumidification;
    4. It can heat up and dehumidify, heat up and dehumidify;
    5. It can realize 100% collection of pure dew and extract the essence of pure dew.