Box type integrated machine

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  • Box type integrated machine

    Box type integrated machine

    Drying method:
    The unit has a dehumidification function, which only heats the oven in the unit to dry the materials.
    Application areas: (multiple materials)
    Normal temperature type: suitable for use in environments above 0℃;
    Regular model:
    1.5P, 3P
    Product advantages:
    1. This product integrates heat source, oven and baking tray, which is suitable for any ambient temperature and drying of a variety of materials;
    2. The single maximum drying capacity is 450 kg;
    3. The temperature is adjustable, up to 96 degrees;
    4. Energy saving and electricity saving: commercial electricity is as low as 36 yuan a day and night, and civil electricity is as low as 18 yuan;
    5. Comes with UV sterilization and odor removal functions;
    6. The materials can be laid flat and hung, and the 220V power supply is plug and play.