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Strength Investment Promotion | Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Brings New Technologies and Products to the 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition


On April 9th, the 34th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, and Food Frozen Processing Exhibition (referred to as "2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition") with the theme of "Focusing on Global Heating and Cooling, Dedicated to System Innovation" was successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy presented multiple latest independently developed products and series of achievements at the exhibition, and conducted on-site professional sharing on the development trend, heat pump products, applications, solutions, and other aspects of heat pump drying at the exchange meeting.

01 Resource sharing and value co creation! On site exchange meeting on heat pump drying technology

At the "New Product Release and Application Solution Sharing and Exchange Conference" on the afternoon of April 6th, Liu Hongcheng, General Manager of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy, shared the exciting content of "Seizing Opportunities, Winning the Future - Air Source Heat Pump Drying Promotion", and analyzed the market status and development trends of the heat pump drying industry through detailed data.

In the speech, General Manager Liu Hongcheng introduced Kaideli heat pump drying products and the application support and classic cases of Kaideli heat pump technology in various fields, with a focus on the advantages of heat pump drying in energy conservation, power saving, and operational effectiveness. He stated that efficient and energy-saving heat pump technology is in line with the background and policy orientation of the times, and meets the development needs of electrification of end use energy. It is the best technological path to achieve zero carbon emissions in the field of heat pump drying.


02 Direct attack on the scene, extremely popular! Kaideli Heat Pump Products+Solutions Qiyao Site

With a highly technological product lineup and a well-designed booth layout, Kedeli's heat pump drying has become one of the focuses of attention at this exhibition, attracting a large number of industry experts and visitors to stop for consultation and exchange. During the exhibition, the on-site staff of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy always enthusiastically and professionally introduced the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the lineup of heat pump products, efficient and energy-saving technologies, and rich case studies to the attending audience. After in-depth understanding and on-site visits, many exhibitors fell in love with Kaideli Heat Pump at first sight and offered olive branches for cooperation.

Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy seizes the opportunities of the times, continuously enhances the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of Kaideli heat pumps, and provides consumers with higher quality products and services. In the future, Nachuan New Energy in Zhejiang will continue to innovate and upgrade, better integrating heat pump products, technologies, and solutions into the development of low-carbon, green, and efficient industries, creating a new benchmark in the industry, and helping the high-quality development of the heat pump drying industry.