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Embark on another journey! Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy has been selected as one of the top 100 key enterprises in the heat pump industry


Recently, Nachuan New Energy in Zhejiang Province was selected as one of the top 100 key enterprises in the Chinese heat pump drying industry under the guidance of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association and hosted by the Heat Pump magazine.

After years of development, the heat pump industry has become increasingly mature, and the continuous optimization and diversification of products, brands, and functions have intensified competition among enterprises. How to achieve overtaking in complex market environments, optimize industry standards, and reduce business pressure for dealers is a major turning point in industry development. The selection activity for the top 100 key enterprises in China's heat pump drying industry is a combustion aid to help enterprises take off. The aim is to showcase the competitive strength of heat pump drying host production enterprises, accessory supporting enterprises, and excellent integrators, enhance the brand image of enterprises, establish the market position of leading enterprises in the heat pump drying industry, and create industry leader IPs, providing authoritative reference information for both supply and demand sides of the heat pump drying industry.

Quality first, precision cultivation and meticulous cultivation

In the context of energy scarcity, strong environmental calls, and the widespread ban on coal-fired fuel drying, heat pump dryers have gradually been recognized for their outstanding performance in energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, and 24-hour fully automatic operation. In the past two years, they have been rapidly applied in various fields such as agricultural product drying, fruit and vegetable drying, medicinal material drying, tobacco drying, grain drying, industrial drying, and so on.

The "Kaideli Heat Pump Drying" brand under Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the field of heat pump drying for several years. It has now developed into a professional enterprise with a complete set of service capabilities in research and development, manufacturing, sales, after-sales, drying system design, and drying process research. It collects numerous traditional drying processes and combines modern energy-saving and environmental protection requirements to propose customized solutions for heat pump dryers, solving the needs of various industries such as product drying and dehumidification. It has also won multiple national authorized high-tech product patents, agricultural machinery promotion appraisal certificates, and CQC energy-saving certification.

Kaideli in the field of agricultural drying

Drying agricultural products is not only a basic means to increase product value, but also a fundamental way to ensure food safety and food security. Due to issues such as nutrient loss and loss of drying objects during the drying process of agricultural products, how to maximize the nutritional value of agricultural products, reduce losses and losses, is the key to ensuring and enhancing product value.

Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy has strong capabilities in the research and development of agricultural drying equipment. Its independently developed heat pump drying machine has the advantages of full mechanization and intelligence, and can be used for drying various crops such as grain, tobacco, traditional Chinese medicine, and agricultural products. With its low energy consumption and drying effect that does not lower the grade of raw materials, the product has been selling well in the market.

Kaideli in the industrial drying field

With the widespread application of air energy heat pumps in various industries, industrial production and daily life have gradually begun to use air energy heat pump equipment.

The heat pump dryer innovatively developed and produced by Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Institute can achieve comprehensive energy utilization, effectively recovering and transforming the waste heat in the exhaust gas. This not only greatly improves the electrification and energy utilization efficiency in the industrial field, but also greatly reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of pollutants such as waste gas and slag, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

It has been applied in printing, fireworks, catalysts, paper tubes, rubber, wood, tableware and other projects. And with the excellent energy-saving, stability, safety, and intelligence of the unit, it has won high praise and praise from users, and is trustworthy!


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