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Three air powered fruit and vegetable dryers from Nachuan New Energy in Zhejiang Province have obtained agricultural machinery testing and appraisal certificates


Recently, three air source heat pump fruit and vegetable dryers, 5HGKB-31B, 5HGKB-1.3A, and 5HGKB-11A, from Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy, have passed the review of the agricultural machinery technology certification standards in the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Measures issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and have been awarded the "Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Certificate". This marks another solid step for Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy in helping China's agricultural mechanization process and the construction of new rural areas.

At present, agricultural mechanization is an important and inevitable requirement for the development of modern agriculture, and "promoting the comprehensive development of agricultural mechanization throughout the entire process" has become an important content of previous government work reports. The country attaches great importance to the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery and equipment industry, continuously innovates and develops voluntary certification for agricultural machinery products, and plays an important role in regulating the agricultural machinery market, monitoring the quality of agricultural machinery products, guiding enterprise production direction, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of farmers.

The Kaideli air source heat pump fruit and vegetable dryer, which has been promoted and certified by the government, has excellent intelligence, efficiency, and low consumption energy-saving properties. Its energy-saving and efficient characteristics meet the new needs of rural and urban construction. The appraisal agency makes accurate comprehensive judgments on the consistency inspection, safety evaluation, applicability evaluation, reliability evaluation, environmental protection evaluation, and user suitability of these three models of our company, and recommends them as advanced and applicable agricultural heat pump dryers. This allows agricultural machinery buyers to enjoy the relevant national agricultural machinery subsidy policies without worrying about product quality issues, which is conducive to promoting the healthy development of production and sales.

In the future, the company will take this opportunity to further improve product quality, increase investment in technological research and development, and use product certification as an opportunity to promote the widespread application of new technologies and processes in products, making new contributions to promoting advanced and applicable agricultural drying machines and improving the level of agricultural drying.