Sludge dryer

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  • Sludge dryer

    Sludge dryer

    Drying method:
    The unit has a dehumidification function, which only heats the oven in the unit to dry the materials at low temperature.
    Application areas:
    Printing and dyeing, printing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, chemical industry, etc.
    Regular model:
    12p, 14p
    Product advantages:
    ● Air energy sludge low temperature dryer
    In the sludge drying process, the dehumidification heat pump is used to dehumidify and heat the air to achieve the sludge drying, which belongs to the hot air circulation condensation dehumidification drying.
    ● Air dehumidification heat pump
    It is a device that uses the refrigeration system to cool and dehumidify the hot and humid air, and at the same time recovers the latent heat of moisture condensation in the air to heat the air through the principle of heat pump.
    ● Convection hot air drying
    Using dry air as the drying medium, the moisture in the material absorbs heat from the air and vaporizes into the air to achieve the purpose of drying. The circulating air is a convective and dry heat-carrying and humidity-carrying medium, or other media.
    ● Dehumidification heat pump = a combination of dehumidification (dehumidification and drying) + heat pump (energy recovery).