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The Council of the Chinese Torrey Association was successfully held at Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Company


On August 2nd, the fourth board meeting of the third session of the Shengzhou Torreya Industry Association was successfully held at Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Co., Ltd. Huang Shaoping, Director of the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau, Qiu Pengying, Engineer of the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau, Zhu Xiaofeng, Director of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Huang Qinglie, President of the Torreya Industry Association, and Guo Jianming, Secretary General of the Torreya Industry Association, attended the meeting.

In the fourth council meeting of the third session of the association

At the meeting, Liu Hongcheng, General Manager of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the company's situation and the application of heat pump drying in the processing of Chinese torreya. Liu stated that the company will continue to increase research and development investment, hoping to contribute to the iterative upgrading of the Chinese torreya industry in Shengzhou; Huang Qinglie, President of the Municipal Torreya Industry Association, gave a report on the work of the association, exchanging ideas on how to build confidence, promote the Torreya brand, ensure the quality of Torreya, and develop the understory economy, and deployed the next steps of work. After the meeting, the attendees visited the Nachuan factory under the leadership of the Nachuan management.


Visit the Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Factory

This meeting proposed that Chinese torreya is a high-end regional agricultural specialty and a part of the gift economy. It is important to pay attention to the quality of Chinese torreya. In response to the issue of improving the quality of Chinese torreya, attending experts proposed to focus on the breeding of excellent Chinese torreya varieties, attach importance to the picking and frying techniques of Chinese torreya, and provide consumers with high-quality Chinese torreya products. They also recommended the Nachuan Chinese torreya heat pump dryer.

Drying of Chinese torreya is an essential process in its processing. At present, many farmers still use pure sunlight to dry Chinese torreya. This drying method is not only inefficient, but also limited by weather conditions, making it difficult to ensure the quality of the finished products. And the Nachuan heat pump dryer can precisely solve this problem. The Nachuan heat pump dryer has a fully intelligent operating program, which does not require dedicated personnel to monitor after setting, and the drying is precise and uniform, saving labor costs and effectively improving the speed and quality of drying torreya; The machine is equipped with a heat recovery device, which recovers the high temperature and humidity exhaust gas through dual heat recovery, saving electricity consumption and improving heating efficiency. In addition, Nachuan, Zhejiang is still researching the shelling and peeling of Chinese torreya seeds, and has made breakthrough progress in this field, laying a solid foundation for the future deep processing of Chinese torreya industry. In terms of stacking and ripening, feasible plans have also been developed and researched with relevant experts for implementation. The dryer products produced by Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. have also obtained agricultural machinery testing and appraisal certificates. Users who purchase relevant enterprise products can enjoy national machine purchase subsidies, allowing agricultural machinery buyers to enjoy preferential policies while purchasing with confidence.

Finally, in order to further enhance the safety awareness of villagers in the harvesting of Chinese torreya, the attending leaders requested that torreya farmers strengthen their safety protection measures to ensure the personal safety of themselves and other harvesters.