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What is the main function of the compressor in the heat pump dryer?


  The heat pump dryer is called the "fourth generation dryer". It absorbs the low-temperature heat energy in the air through the refrigerant, and converts it into high-temperature heat energy after being compressed by the compressor, heating the water temperature. It is the most energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable heat pump drying Dry machines have been included in the scope of national energy-saving subsidies and have received the highest subsidy amount. The market potential is huge.

  With the popularization of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection and the country’s policy support for new energy, the heat pump dryer industry has developed rapidly, both in terms of production scale and technical level, and has greatly improved, and it also plays a role in the national economy. getting bigger. However, with the continuous expansion of the application field of air energy dryers, the market has higher and higher performance requirements for air energy high temperature dryers, and bottlenecks have also appeared.

  Everyone should know that the compressor is the most critical component of the heat pump dryer, and its performance determines the quality of the air energy water heater to a large extent. At present, most of the air-energy water heater products on the market are equipped with ordinary air-conditioning compressors, but air-conditioning compressors are not suitable for air-energy heat pump water heaters, and their life is very short, which greatly deteriorates the industrial environment. Henan Baixin uses Copeland compressors, which can be said to be the leader in the field of compressor technology. Copeland compressors in the United States are widely used in various industries. Concentrated innovative technical elements and excellent performance-low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, low energy consumption, high durability. A good compressor is like the heart of air energy, which can effectively and greatly improve its product quality and scope of use, and solve the worries about air energy quality problems.