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Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy (brand: Kaideli) won the highest award of the exhibition-Innovative Product Award


Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy won the highest award of the exhibition-Innovative Product Award

Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy (Kaideli Drying) won the highest award of the exhibition-Innovative Product Award

(Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center 2020 session)

    From July 30 to August 1, 2020, the 10th China Heat Pump Exhibition will continue to be held in Shanghai. The exhibition area is nearly 55,000 square meters, there are more than 350 exhibitors, and the professional audience is expected to exceed 55,000. It is the largest and most professional annual event in the air source heat pump and even the clean heating industry.

    Our company received the invitation of the organizer, Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy will bring four products to participate in the exhibition in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center.

An endless stream -Nachuan New Energy is very popular

    Not long ago, Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy, which won the honor of "the most growing brand in China's heat pump industry", carries its 7P open all-in-one machine, tobacco roasting machine, 7P closed all-in-one machine, 25P split machine, and frequency conversion module this time. And Kaideli cloud drying system and other products made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition.

    The exquisite appearance, solid materials and excellent brand recognition all attracted visitors and colleagues to visit the booth.


(Kaideli drying becomes the most beautiful boy on the whole floor)

The crowds at the Kaideli booth were crowded and lively! 

Kaideli core technology

(Frequency conversion control module)

(Kaideli Cloud Drying System)

Kaideli team

(Young and energetic team)

Innovative Product Award

2020: Innovative Product Award


The highest award of the 2020 China Heat Pump Exhibition --- Innovative Product Award, 130 product declarations, and 8 award-winning products in the drying field, showing the high gold content and the rigorous selection.

(117 units declared 130 products)

(8 award-winning products in the drying field)

Nachuan New Energy {Kaideli Heat Pump} won the award

(General Manager Liu Hongcheng came to the stage to receive the award)

Big coffee visiting

(Mr. Mao Faping, an expert in the industry, came to visit)

    Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy's outstanding performance in research and development has been recognized by industry leaders. Mr. Zhao Hengyi, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Heat Pump Association, and Mr. Mao, an industry expert, personally visited the Kaideli booth to exchange ideas with Liu Hongcheng, general manager of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and took a group photo. I would like to praise the achievements of the six months. I hope that Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy can continue its upward growth momentum to deliver positive energy in the industry. Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy will continue to introduce new ideas and strive to become a system integration solution service provider.