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Visit the pioneer of "Zhejiang Nachuan" multi-material drying system


Enterprise Practice Week "Into Nachuan"

To enable marketing distributors and engineering companies to understand Nachuan and Nachuan.

(Mr Zhang leads the management of the company to welcome guests at the door)

      On the afternoon of December 2nd, our company organized some distributors and engineering companies across the country to go to Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the "Into Nachuan" enterprise practice visit.


Sheet metal workshop

        On-site production process and production workshop equipment are explained by Zhang Tingxiang and the factory standardization process for distributors and engineers all over the country.

(Mr. Zhang will explain one machine, one certificate, one number, and the unit standardized production table)

        Zhejiang Nachuan's strict quality control and standardized production management have been appreciated by dealers and engineering companies across the country.

Visit the prototype display area

(Prototype display area, Mr. Liu Hongcheng personally accompany customers to visit)

(In the prototype display area, the development engineer will explain the characteristics of the unit)

(High-value, highly recognizable products are waiting for you to watch in the industry)

(Products with high beauty, fine workmanship and optimized materials are appreciated)

(Mr. Liu is on-site as the interpretation work)

        Some distributors and engineering companies across the country arrived at the prototype display area, and Mr. Liu Hongcheng of Nachuan New Energy personally explained to everyone, and explained the heat pump application knowledge and scope to the majority of distributors and engineering companies. His passionate explanation was well received by everyone. .


Automatic electrostatic spraying workshop

(Fully automatic electrostatic spraying workshop)

(Automatic spraying line)

        The automatic electrostatic environment-friendly plastic powder spraying line requires only manual hanging and installation, and all other steps are automatically completed.


Two parts workshop

(Mr. Zhang explains for everyone)

        The visit activities were organized in an orderly manner under the organization of President Liu and President Zhang. The reception staff of Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. introduced to dealers and contractors a series of processes for the establishment, development and expansion of Nachuan New Energy, and elaborated on the types of its products and the production process. And according to the characteristics of dealers and contractors combined with the actual situation of Nachuan New Energy to help the dealers and contractors industry situation. During the whole process, the audience carefully visited and asked questions actively, and the atmosphere was lively.

(Smart Kanban for production progress)

Technical Seminar

        At 3 pm, the entire visit to the Nachuan factory came to an end. The distributors and engineers took the bus to Shengzhou Hotel to participate in the technical exchange meeting of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Nachuan New Energy arranged to thank you after the exchange meeting. Dinner.

        The dinner was hosted by Mr. Zhang, and Mr. Zhang explained the product quality management methods and the brands that have reached strategic cooperation with the company.

        Mr. Liu explained the future trend of heat pump drying and future market opportunities with sonorous and powerful speeches.

        Finally, Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy arranged the thank-you dinner and organized a lottery interactive activities on the spot.

        Through this visit, everyone not only realized the difficulties in the development, management and growth of Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy, but also made everyone understand the status of the industry and future trends and formed a clearer future plan.