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Racing against time, rushing orders, riveting with full enthusiasm, opening up a new chapter

The Chinese New Year is approaching, and various industries are starting to have a Spring Festival holiday and a wave of returning home. However, Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has ushered in a peak period of year-end orders. Currently, our company's customer orders are in a "full" state. All employees of the company are rushing to make time, busy with production, and rush orders, making every effort to ensure that orders are completed with quality and quantity on time, striving to create a "good start".


[Factory Full Order Machines]

Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a solution integrator that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service, drying system design, drying process research, and consulting services of heat pump drying products. It has advanced product manufacturing and testing capabilities, as well as self matching of sheet metal, fin heat exchangers, copper pipes, and spraying. It can provide strong software and hardware guarantees for "high-quality, short delivery" fast services in the market.

[Bird's-eye view of the factory]

Satisfying orders, improving efficiency, and ensuring timely delivery of orders, our workshop workers put in full force, pressed the production "acceleration button", and worked overtime to complete orders.

Entering the production workshop of Nachuan New Energy in Zhejiang, the sounds of steel collisions, equipment startup, and workers speaking intersect. The workers in positions such as sheet metal cutting, paint spraying, copper pipe welding, and installation testing are busy and orderly, creating a bustling scene in the entire workshop. All staff are working hard, bringing a successful conclusion to 2023.

[Workshop workers working scene]

Start at a faster pace and strive to start first. In the new year, Zhejiang Nachuan New Energy will continue to increase its efforts in product innovation and research and development, focusing on breakthroughs in new products and technologies, enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise in the industry, in order to maintain the brand's long-term influence, use new achievements to start the new year with good results, and welcome the "opening red" of this year with practical efforts.